_MG_6330Professional ServicesOur Mission
Tupelo Vet’s mission is to provide the best available and most up to date medical treatment for your pet. We are constantly learning and improving on all areas of animal health care. This mission is our promise to all our clients and their pets: We will provide the absolute best care and services for all of your pet’s needs.

Our Service
We are full service hospital, that provides complete medical, surgical, and dental care with the highest level of excellence possible. Besides veterinary services we offer grooming, boarding and day care.

We always evaluate our standards and cover the following areas:

  • Anesthesia: Methods for assessing anesthetic needs in patients and appropriateness of equipment
  • Client Service: Communicates well with clients during all aspects of their visit
  • Contagious Disease: Protocols, processes and facilities to handle contagious diseases and avoid outbreaks
  • Continuing Education: Continuing education tools and opportunities for staff members
  • Dentistry: Safe dental procedures that protect both the patient and staff members
  • Diagnostic Imaging: Adequate equipment to generate quality diagnostic images and utilizes proper procedures and equipment to protect staff members from radiation
  • Emergency/Urgent Care: Equipment handling and process
  • Examination Facilities: Properly equipped for thorough examinations
  • Housekeeping and Maintenance: Cleanliness
  • Human Resources: Handling of personnel matters
  • Laboratory: Laboratory services for the prompt diagnosis of patients
  • Leadership: Leadership’s commitment to creating a positive work environment and providing high-quality care
  • Medical Records: Continuity of care through medical record details
  • Pain Management: Pain assessment, management and training
  • Patient Care: Humane and advantageous care to patients during all aspects of their visit
  • Pharmacy: Proper handling, storing and dispensing of medications
  • Safety: Safety of environment for patients, clients and team
  • Surgery: Patient safety in an aseptic environment with appropriate pre- and post-operative considerations

Comprehensive Physical Examinations

We strongly recommend bringing your pet in for a comprehensive physical examination every six months to assure that if your pet has some health problems, they can be detected and treated at an early stage. Many factors play essential role in the disease process. During an examination, the doctor will check different systems and organs of your pet for any abnormalities, such as:

  • Cardiovascular system_MG_6326
  • Gastrointestinal system
  • Nervous system
  • Respiratory system
  • Urinary system
  • Ears
  • Eyes
  • Skin
  • Coat
  • Teeth and Gums
  • Weight

The veterinarian may ask you questions regarding your pet’s past condition to fully evaluate your pet’s health. The most important role in your pet’s condition is your answers that you give to the doctor. It will help the veterinarian to diagnose and treat your pet. We also provide extended examinations if needed for our patients. Regular examination is essential for your pet’s health and we will do our best to give a lot of attention to any specific health concerns you might have regarding your pet.

Radiology/Video ImagingOur video imaging and x-ray equipment are fundamental parts of our hospital. Similar to human medicine, these diagnostic tools allow us to diagnose many diseases in a non-invasive manner and they can help in prescribing the right treatment.


Skin diseases are very common in veterinary medicine. Many of them are chronic and it can be very difficult to find the cause of the problem. Allergies are the most seen problems in skin conditions; diagnosis is often difficult and may take time to find right treatment(s). Many skin diseases cause intense itching and scratching which leads to further skin damage. Your veterinarian will determine the instigating cause of the skin problem and with correct diagnosis and proper therapy will produce comfort for your pet and stop the frustration of all members of the family.


In the event that your pet requires hospitalization so that appropriate therapy and diagnostic testing can be performed, you can be assured your pet will receive the best care possible by our professional staff. We are a full service hospital offering the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment. All hospitalized pets have daily physical examinations done by the veterinarian in charge and by a staff veterinary technician to monitor any change in their condition. The doctor or veterinary technician will attempt to update you with a progress report after lab work is received and all evaluations are completed on a daily basis. Open and clear communications between you and our hospital staff is very important. We take the time to explain every procedure that is necessary to care for your pet. If any changes occur in your pet’s condition, we will call you as soon as possible. After business hours, veterinary service is provided as necessary in the judgment of the veterinarian in charge. Continuous presence of qualified personnel may not be provided at all times. We care for your pet the way we would want our own pets to be cared for. If the need of hospitalization arrived, we will make your pet stay comfortable as possible, with a lot of TLC and attention.


The in-house laboratory is a very essential diagnostic tool which helps us to diagnose and monitor your pet’s health. In conjunction with outside laboratories we are able to provide accurate and prompt results for our patients. We can perform different laboratory services including blood, urine, cytology, parasite testing, clinical chemistry, and have rapid results. We are dedicated to offer complete laboratory services to aid in the diagnosis of your pet’s health problem(s).

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Some times we don’t have the luxury to choose when your pet will need a surgery. At our hospital we offer many services, including surgery services as well, which is a vital aspect of hospital activities. Our surgical facility is fully equipped and allows us to perform different surgeries. Your pet’s surgery is not that much different than a surgery performed on people, and your pet will experience the same routine procedures us people do. After a thorough examination of your pet’s problem, the veterinarian may prescribe a surgical procedure as a way to insure your pet’s wellness, if the general condition will allow the safety of your pet during surgery. Following a comprehensive physical examination, your pet will be admitted to the hospital and will be given a pre-operation sedative to insure that he or she relaxes prior to anesthesia. Today veterinary surgery is done under strict conditions to minimize the chances of a bacterial infection. All instruments and materials needed for surgery are sterilized, the doctor will scrub his or hers hands and wear sterilized surgical gloves to avoid postoperative infection. After the surgery, your pet will receive pain relief medication to insure a better, pain free recovery and we will provide you with a detailed progress report along with the post-operative instructions.